My way of working


Painting and drawing workflow

Regular practice of sketches, as much drawn ranges. Always using imagination, exept special cases.

Movements, attitudes, portraits, expressions research. Any pattern.

Sketches are the starting point of any painted and drawn work. No place is left to improvisation.

Transition to realization only when the subject is relevant.

2 possibilities :

  • The idea is in mind and the theme is precise
  • It is a sketch, among many others that suggests a working theme.




Preparation of old-style funds. White CASE-ARTI coated with hot paste.

2 types of realization :

Traditional rectangular flat supports, all dimensions from 120 x 80 cm to 184 x 122 cm.

Scated paintings – different than sculptures. Wood cut out shapes.

Painted assembled structures – more or less complex – requiring special facilities appropriated to the space.

Presented isolated or mural presentation detached from the bottom. Suspended or laid. From 300 cm to 600 cm.

The cut-outs and the various assembled planes energize the painted production. They give a different perception than on square or rectangular flat support.



All techniques – mixed techniques – PENCIL – INK OF CHINA – LAVIS – GOUACHE – FELT PEN – COLLAGE

Any format, maxi: 115 cm x 78 cm


Additional info :

In my whole production, nothing is about a simple sketch. Drawings and paintings are constructed, worked and finished.

Paintings are powerful, dense, expressive, and generate meaning. To oppose to illustration, decorative painting or painted decoration.