1960 – get to « Ecole des Beaux-Arts », Bordeaux. Get a 7 years traditional education – now called academic – 5-days a week, 7 hours per day. Learned all disciplines and techniques about drawing and color, on the basis of any serious artistic training.
1963 – Get first prize of drawing according to the classic art
1964 – get C.A.F.A.S (Certificat d’aptitude à une formation artistique supérieure) : diploma of superior artistic training, French diploma.
1965 – Joined by competition Applied Arts School, Paris.
1966 – Get Paint DNBA – theoric part
1968 – Get first to Paint DNBA at national level– theoric part
1970 – Get first to Advertising DNBA at national level, jury’s congratulations
1978 – Engraving DNBA presentation

From 1966 to 2004 – Drawing teacher

Claude Serpaggi

What you may know about me : I’m a Painter Draftsman, not a visual artist. I go with the assumption that art which says nothing is useless. Atypical in paint production as in art thinking, agreed and consensual rhetorics myths and legends, I always take as reference timeless painting – not very coordinated with a part of the so-called modern production.

I favor form and content, emotion and intellect sensibility. Human being the pivot, this is my main production axis.

Characters more or less deformed, frozen or in effervescence, features exaggeration without being caricature. Beings whom one crosses every day, whose physical, attitude, gestures, appearance can elicit an interrogation, an empathy. Characters of silence or resignation in isolation, in the shadow, muffled. More or less precarious state. Anxiety always here. No futur. Just passing by. Without power people. Close to fall. For many, the dice are loaded. Fate, bad luck. Who knows…